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And There You Have IT!

And There You Have IT!

Podcast And There You Have IT!
Podcast And There You Have IT!

And There You Have IT!


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  • How to Accelerate Your Software Development to New Speeds
    Put your software delivery pipeline in "turbo mode" by enhancing your DevOps methodology with Agile principles, containerization, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and other modern practices. Join us to learn more.
  • The Challenges Surrounding Today's Modern Infrastructure
    In this podcast, industry experts discuss a unique hybrid cloud solution that is focused on delivering increased power and control to organizations looking for a better way to manage their workloads and applications.
  • Supply Chain Attacks and IoT Devices – Know How to Limit Your Risk
    Supply chain attacks came into focus recently with the discovery of the SolarWinds breach late last year. The shockwaves from this breach continue and it’s clear that no industry or entity is outside of the impact zone. Supply chain attacks are an increasingly popular attack method for hackers. Companies are adopting better security practices and technology solutions are improving their built-in security features. That leaves attackers looking for easier vulnerabilities to leverage, which can include IoT devices. Listen to this episode to learn: How IoT, OT and IoMT devices may be impacted by supply chain attacks Three ways to reduce the impact of an attack on these devices How to safely bridge the gap when transferring data from your devices through your network The role of least privilege and how it’s defined for IoT
  • Securing IoT Devices and the New “Smart” Normal
    The new, “smart” normal brings with it new safety measures, automated processes and a continued focus on efficiency as organizations strive to do less with more—but enhanced workplace safety may require enhanced security as well. Integrating sensors with your network in addition to devices like access control systems can come with numerous security challenges. How can you be sure that your new, “smart” devices or areas are secure?
  • How IoT Technology Is Helping Businesses Get Back to Work Safely
    As organizations begin re-opening, customer and employee safety is more important than ever. IoT technology like thermal imaging, contact tracing, access control and social distance monitoring can help protect anyone sharing a physical space. By using sensors to monitor critical information about anyone entering a building, like body temperature or physical distance, these solutions can help mitigate risk in a non-invasive way. Many of these systems send automated alerts to a targeted set of users, eliminating the need for manual screenings and reducing the number of dangerous bottlenecks at building entrances and exits. Listen to this episode to learn: The role that IoT technology is playing in helping businesses re-open safely How thermal imaging technologies are helping organizations everywhere mitigate the risk of illness in the workplace Best practices for selecting a thermal imaging solution and implementing a screening protocol Which new IoT technologies are on the horizon as part of a “back-to-work" blueprint

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